Alysha + Daniel | Florence, AZ

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Please note that the photo’s you see posted on this blog post are not the professional photo’s taken by the professional photographers, The Chanson’s, at the wedding.  These are just a few shots we were able to capture to help tell the story through our eyes . . .   

After the rain showers Arizona received during the week, Sunday March 10th, ended up being a gorgeous day for Alysha and Daniel to get married.

The couple chose, The Windmill Winery for their wedding venue.  It is located out in Florence Arizona, which was a drive for most of the guests, but once there you could see how worth the drive it was.


The bridal party all arrived at the same time to get ready for the day.  While Jay hung out with the guys filming shots of them grooming up 😉  Chelsea spent time with the girls.  Jay’s favorite moment of the guys getting ready was when they all put their hands together in the middle with the watches Daniel had given them as their presents for the wedding pretending to be like Captain America, true childhood classic guys.  Chelsea’s favorite moment with the girls was watching the bridesmaids as they stood in awe while Alysha had her mother button up the back of her dress.


Alysha and Dan decided to do a reveal moment.  We always love this part!  The Groom is always so nervous and ready to see his bride, so much so that you can see in his eyes he feels like he has to wait forever!  Then finally, after what he thinks is eternity, she taps his shoulder, he turns around and you immediately see the stress, worry, nervousness leave his face . . .  Now there is only wonder, awe and amazement of the beautiful woman standing before him.

Now the fun part 🙂  Pictures started taking place and after all of the pictures had been taken of the groomsmen, the mother of the groom, Debbie, realized the boutonnieres were all in the wrong place.  What’s funny about this, well, it took them groomsmen forever to figure out how to get them on in the first place.  Thankfully Mom, Debbie, saved the day.  She sat there and changed all the boutonnieres.


It was time for the ceremony!  Their backdrop was a beautiful brick archway which sat in front of a shimmering lake.  They also had a gorgeous chandelier placed in the archway which they creatively tied in some of the flowers the Bride had chosen.

You know what comes next . . . reception time aka party time!  Guests headed into the barn, no there was not hay, but hey, on the inside you wouldn’t even really be able to tell it was really a barn.  It was decorated with lights going from one wall to another and the centerpieces used were simple, but so elegant.  See if you can spot them in the trailer 😉

We would like to not only thank the couple for being amazing all throughout the day, but we would also like to thank the family, especially the Groom’s Mom, Debbie.  You were all wonderful people and we truly enjoyed getting to be a part of your special day.  Thank you!


Photography: The Chansons (get excited for when the real photos come out!  They are amazing photographers)

Venue: The Windmill Winery

Song in wedding trailer: “Take Me Away” by The Dimes

  • Debbie said:

    You captured the day perfectly, thank you so much!!!!!