Laura Walsh | Rising Country Star

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We love music!  It is kind of an obsession for us.  So when we get to film a musician, it’s like the best of both worlds!

Meet Laura Walsh.  If you haven’t heard of her, you will!  She is growing in her popularity rapidly with singing show after show after show all across the state!  She is becoming an Arizona Country Star on her way to the big leagues!

We had so much fun going to some of her shows and filming her in action.  She sounds even better live than on her album!  And thats tough to do with how edited music can be now!

Laura is a genuine, sincere person who excudes talent.  If the video above isn’t enough for you, check out her facebook, instagram, website, and of course her album on iTunes!

Below are a few shots we took in the process of making this video.  All photos were done by us!  Crazy I know!  Us film makers doing photos 😀