Amber + Mike // Redwoods in California

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When arriving at my destination at the airport I was greeted by Mike’s parents.  How did I know it was them?  They were holding a sign for me!  How cool is that?

I flew in a day before the Wedding, which was really nice, I was able to get know everyone before the big day.  Amber and Mike invited me to the rehearsal dinner that took place at a brewery that served organic beers.  That was a first for me 🙂  Very neat little place.

The wedding was in Miranda, California in Humboldt State Park.  The ceremony took place literally in the middle of the forest on a fallen tree.  Amber and Mike went out the day before and just found this amazingly perfect spot.  I could try to explain how breathtaking this entire wedding was, but my words wouldn’t even come close to doing the beauty justice.  Never in my life have I seen trees SOOOO tall.  Their ceremony was like something out of a Robin Hood movie.  There were maybe 30 people at the wedding, keeping it small and intimate.

After their ceremony they planted a sequoia tree right next to where their ceremony took place.  With the tree they also buried a small gold ring that was a hand me down from Amber’s family.  Like their love, this tree will continue to grow over time.

The reception took place at Miranda Gardens Resort and what a great idea to keep it small.  There was chatting by fires and dancing with dim lights.  It was very beautiful.

The day after the wedding Amber and Mike planned a hike for everyone that came to the wedding.  Again, the forest, simply breathtaking.  I was in awe the entire time I was there at how lush and green everything was.

Amber and Mike, you guys are two totally awesome people and I’m so honored you choose me to capture your memorable day.

Here are a few shots we took through out the day!  Enjoy! Please Note:  The photo’s in this blog post are photos that we, Everly Films, took and are using to help tell our story of the day.  These are NOT the photos taken by the hired photographer Brittany Keene.  So get excited for more pictures from her!











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