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Stefanie and Ben // Sedona, Arizona

Stefanie and Ben.  Two people who are crazy for one another.  When I shot their engagement session almost a year ago, I knew then just how in love Ben was for his soon to be bride.  The way he would open the door for her, carry her over some shrubs and sticks, and of course […]


Paloma and Tanner // Meredith, New Hampshire

It’s always crazy thinking how we get these out of state weddings. We do A LOT of them! People are always asking how we manage to book so many weddings outside of Arizona. Well here’s how we booked this one. A little over a year ago, we filmed a wedding in Vermont. It was SO […]


Ashley and Aaron // Flagstaff, Arizona

I know Ashley from a past wedding about a year or so ago. She was the photographer there and so much fun to work with. Since then we have remained friends. Always awesome becoming friends with others in this industry. Back when I first met her, she couldn’t shut up about her boyfriend. It was […]


Rebecca and Jon // Albuquerque, New Mexico

When you are driving in New Mexico, all the license plates say, “New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment”. My only real perspective of New Mexico was based of the show Breaking Bad. So of course I chuckled a bit. But when I arrived at the venue and met the couple and the people, it all […]

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