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Shaylee and Nate // Malibu, California

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. HOLY DRONE FOOTAGE! I’ll admit, I LOVE flying the drone! There are times where it really enhances the story and brings even more beauty to the details. When flying the drone on the beach and over the ocean, it made me feel so happy and so joyful. […]


Jena and Chris // Paradise Valley, Arizona

These two just radiate love! The beginning of the video just kind of speaks for itself. Hearing Chris hold back his tears while Jena softly reads a letter to him… Ugh… makes me want to cry just thinking of it!! It is always so sweet seeing a man cry for his woman on their wedding […]


Mia + Alex // Paradise Valley, Arizona

Mia and Alex are just crazy awesome people! I could seriously just leave it at that! It’s truly difficult to describe them. So much love and so much joy. The kind of joy that infects everyone around them. Their story is so unique full of God’s miracles, trials and tribulations, tears of joy, and lots […]


Emma Hearst + John Barker // Hearst Castle, California

Sitting here trying to think of what to write about this wedding and I am almost at a loss for words. This was a three day event that blew my mind! First, lets state the obvious. Emma Hearst is the daughter of George Hearst. They are members of the Hearst family who at one point […]

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