Christen and Jay’s Wedding Trailer

As our first published wedding for Everly Films, we couldn’t think of a better couple to film!  These two just radiate love and passion for each other.

In Heber, Arizona on July 9th of 2011, the clouds rolled in. Even with the rain starting to fall and the clouds darkening and becoming thicker, nothing brought these two down. Christen and Jay were full of so much joy and energy with their focus solely on each other.

With alternative plans being made for their outside ceremony, the rain decided to stop just in time and Jay and Christen’s dream wedding became a reality!  Guests ran to take a seat waiting eagerly to see Christen walk down in her beautiful gown.  Jay seemed a little eager as well for his soon to be wife coming towards him walking through the moist grass.

With the clouds still giving Jay and Christen a break from the rain, the ceremony was full of music, singing, prayer and even the hammering a box together (Jay’s idea).  After the pastor delcared them husband and wife, Christen’s eyes lit up and Jay broguht her in for their first kiss as husband and wife!

Everything about this wedding worked out perfectly. From the weather, ceremony, reception and even their cinematographers… us! Not only did the groom share the same first name with Jay, but the owner of the venue shared the same LAST name as us.  We talked with Bob Worsley and we found no connection of relation. Oh well 🙂

We had an amazing time shooting this wedding with some friends and in turn making some new ones.

Congratulations Jay and Christen. May your marriage be filled with joy and happiness. I know God will continue to bless you throughout your marriage together.