Hey Hey!! I wanted to share some FREE LUTs I recently made.  Once I made them, I found that I use them for a lot of my current work in color grading.  I wanted to give them to you for free because why the heck not!?  AND also so that you subscribe to my email list because I have some KILLER things coming out soon that I want to share with you.  When I say killer, I mean legendary/epic.  Or if you make that a word… Leg-epic.  It’s a word now.  Anyway, fill out the form below and you get them J-LUTs!  You will receive an email with a google drive download link to the JLUTS within a few minutes of filling out the form.

Here are the LUTs I have for you:

JLUT 01 – Great for Drone Footage

JLUT 02 – Great for Portraits

JLUT 03 – A little Moody and Tinty

JLUT 04 – Brightens and Desaturates