Kristen + Mikey | Fountain Hills, AZ

When we arrived at the Eagle Mountain Golf Club, the skies slightly covered with clouds and the sun was peaking through.  There were threats of a thunder storm and we were just hoping and praying it would show up after the outside ceremony.


We first went to see the bride and immediately when we walked in we were greeted warmly by all the Ausie’s.  The bride, Kristen, was born and raised in Australia.  Being from Arizona and having no accent at all, gets us that much more excited when we around people with an accent.  Kristen is a very lucky girl to have such great friends.  All the girls were just so nice and perfectly welcoming to us.


After Kristen was dressed and ready we headed up to the ceremony site where Mikey and Kirsten would have their reveal moment.  Standing with Mikey while he was waiting to see his breath taking bride for the first time was so much fun.  He had a huge smile on his face and said his heart was going to beat out of his chest he was so excited!  It was my favorite moment of the entire day, standing and waiting with him.  Once he saw her, everything was just perfect.  Nothing could touch that moment.


Once Kristen and Mikey got their bearings after the reveal moment, pictures took place and continued until about 30 minutes to the ceremony.  Guests arrived and sat themselves and finally it was time for the ceremony.  The weather was a trooper!  It didn’t start to rain until right after the ceremony!  Perfect timing.  It also eased up a bit while the Bride and Groom had their “couple shoot”.

Everyone gathered inside for the reception and the first thing they did was serve dinner.  After dinner the toasts took place.  Both families were full of joy and love not only for the couple, but for the new family they had acquired.


Kristen and Mikey, you ROCK!  You really do 🙂  We had such a great time being a part of your Wedding Day and wish you both nothing but happiness.  God Bless

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Photographers:  Radiant Photography by the Chansons

DJ: Erik Nelsen

Venue: Eagle Mountain Golf Club

Wedding Planner: What a Day Weddings

Officiant: Sean Johnson

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