Mia + Alex // Paradise Valley, Arizona

Mia and Alex are just crazy awesome people! I could seriously just leave it at that! It’s truly difficult to describe them. So much love and so much joy. The kind of joy that infects everyone around them.

Their story is so unique full of God’s miracles, trials and tribulations, tears of joy, and lots and lots of laughter.

The day all took place at the Sanctuary on Camelback mountain. A little bit of wind and cloud coverage but made for a beautiful spring day in Arizona. Mia was just so calm and collected and ready to marry her best friend. Here is a little behind the scenes photo from our instagram to show you just how calm:

Styled and coordinated by Ashley Gain Weddings, this wedding day was just off the charts! From the flowers, the colors, the details, and so on.

Mia and Alex, thank you so much for choosing us to document your incredible day.

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