Michelle and Anthony // Hummingbird Nest Ranch, California

What a raw, genuine love Michelle and Anthony share.  It will only take a few seconds into their video to see the kind of love they have for one another.  They are one of the sweetest couples I have had the honor of filming.

There are a few very fun details that stand out in my mind from this wedding.  One was the tea ceremony they did.  Michelle put on her wedding dress, they had a first look and then she put on a different dress for their traditional tea ceremony, and then she had to put her wedding dress back on for the actual wedding ceremony.  But I loved that they stayed traditional with their tea ceremony, it was a really fun thing to be a part of!
Another fun detail was how obsessed with my drone Anthony was 🙂  Guys will be guys!  I was very close to letting him fly it, but we ended up not having enough time for that.
It was such a wonderful day with such an amazing couple!