Rebecca + Damiano // South Lake Tahoe

Rebecca and Damiano found us through a pervious couple we had the privilege of filming, Sarah and Rish, you can view their wedding trailer HERE, and we are so glad they did!

They flew us in early to get some rehearsal coverage, which is always fun.  Rebecca and Damiano are just a sweet, silly, fun loving couple and that shined through from the moment we met them.

If you are wondering where in the heck this amazing wedding took place, it took place in South Lake Tahoe.  So breathtakingly beautiful.  We couldn’t get enough of the amazing scenery.  It was a small, intimate wedding of about 60 people.

When they did their first look they wanted to do it in the woods so it looked like they were out, in the woods, in the middle of nowhere, haha, so funny.  We loved that.  Another thing we always love is “Choose a seat not a side.”  I don’t know why, I just think it takes out guest stress, if that is even such a thing.

You will notice when Rebecca and Damiano were on the dock they were practicing their choreographed wedding dance.  This is a favorite part of ours, because we tied it straight in the reception.  Can you say goosebumps people!  Seriously!

Rebecca and Damiano, you guys rock!  You are to amazing people and we are so happy we got to be a part of your special day.

Below are a few snapshots we took along the way!  Note that these are NOT the pro photos taken my the hired photographers Callie and Stacie from Vitae Weddings . So get excited for their photos when they come out!  Until then.. enjoy!











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