Sarah + Rich | Malibu, California

It is the middle of summer, it is hot, humid and I want to have my wedding outside . . . it is my dream to have an outside summer wedding, so where do I go? Well, you can go to Malibu California, that would work . . .

We woke up early Sunday morning to plan for our flight. We were ready, excited and wanted to just be there already! Our flight was delayed, but it’s cool, we have one stop our location to be and it’s right there waiting for us. We arrived at LAX and immediately we walked outside it it was just an awe feeling with the amazing change in weather. We rented our car and headed toward the hotel where Sarah was getting ready. We finally arrived! Sarah was getting her hair done, but this did not stop her from talking and dancing might I add. She was thrilled to have us there and we were beyond thrilled to be there with her! The entire time she was getting ready she was either laughing, dancing or asking us questions to get to know us better. What an adorable person she is.
Sarah and Rich would definitely call themselves wine connoisseurs. So what better gift to give Sarah on their wedding day then a fine bottle of wine to open their first night together, and another fine bottle to open on the one year anniversary.

The hotel was beautiful and had some amazing opportunities for some pretty stellar detail shots. Once we were done with that and the soon to be Mrs. Keith was done getting her hair done it was time to head toward the ceremony/reception site which just so happened to be a fabulously gorgeous ranch. Sounds exiting right?!!

We arrive at this gorgeous ranch, that is not so ranchy, location where it is green everywhere, there are gorgeous trees and did I mention the man made lake? Always a fan of lakes! It had the WOW factor for sure. We followed Sarah and her bridesmaids to the room where she would put on her dress. A small little cottage room. This room was cute, but cute was not enough for Sarah. We made it freaking adorable! She deserved nothing less than perfect . . . Ok, our bride is ready, the Groom is ready, the guests are ready, the ceremony site is beautiful, lets get these kids ready, already!

Rich watched as the bridal party marched down the isle, he watched the adorable flower girls prance down with their cute little sign and gorgeous flowers and after the flower girls took their places Rich turned the other way. He wanted to be surprised, to see his bride for the first time as she approached the isle (we simply LOVED this idea). She was at the end of the isle, it was now okay for him to turn, he turned and everyone got to witness that moment, that amazing moment when the Groom sees his stunning bride for the first time . . . this moment is timeless, words cannot express this moment, it was breath taking. Breath taking just like the couple . . .

Bride and Groom, aka Sarah and Rich! We are so stinking excited for you guys! You are both so wonderful, so awesome and we are so beyond thrilled you chose US to do your wedding for you. We had a blast getting to know you and are so excited for the next steps in your lives.

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