Season + Carter | Santa Clarita, California

When we arrived in California our first stop was to see the groom, Carter, and get some footage of him getting ready with his guys.  They were getting ready at the Hyatt in Valencia a very cozy hotel.

We have to say that we throughly enjoyed being a part of Carters “getting ready” process, let me explain.  He left the room to throw on his wedding attire.  When he came back in he started asking his Mom where his tie and belt were . . .  She looked at him for a moment with surprise and said “Carter, I told you to pack your tie.”  LOL!  Thankfully one of the groomsmen had an extra tie with him.  Then when he got the tie, he had absolutely no idea how to tie it 🙂  It was very entertaining watching him twist it around.  Carter said, “I will wait for my Dad, he knows how to tie a tie, my Dad is a boss.”  It was fun to watch Carter and the family interact with each other.  No one seemed stressed out at all.  They were laughing, having a good time and just seemed to be enjoying the moment.

When the groomsmen came in they were all pretty stoked to show off the special socks they had on.  They each had on a different pair of socks which represented them.  Carter’s of course said “Groom” on them.  I can’t remember all of them, but I know one person had socks that looked like converse, they were pretty neat.  It was fun to see the Groom taking part in little details 🙂

After a while we left the Groom and his guys and headed toward the venue where the girls were getting ready.  The venue was actually Season’s parents house and it was breath taking!  When we drove up our mouths dropped because it was just that perfect.  We were told that when Season was a little girl she use to sit in her bedroom looking out the window dreaming of getting married in their backyard.  Dreams do come true . . .

Season and Carter decided to have a reveal moment before the wedding.  And let’s just say, Carter was a bit nervous has he heard his soon to be bride walking up behind him.  Once she tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around, it was as if they were both in their own little world completely engrossed in eachother.  Not a single care in the world and simply lost in each other.

The ceremony took place in their gigantic backyard and the reception also took place there.  They had a HUGE tent set up and inside were light up tables and a HUGE dance floor.

I have to say my favorite part was the main entrance.  The bridal party came in dancing to Open Gangnam Style.  Once Season and Carter made it in the all broke out into a dance they had planned out.  So we just had to make a shot video showing how cool it was…

Once dinner was over the music started and the dancing began . . . . AND it did not stop until the music stopped!  🙂  My second favorite was the very end, no not because my feet were hurting and I was excited to go to sleep, BUT because at the very end all the guests on the dance floor came in for a HUGE group hug!  Season and Carter were flooded with love <3

Season & Carter it was so fun being a part of your dream day!  Thank you for having us there!  We wish you a long life of love, happiness, and lots of laughter!

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