Who We AreA little about us

There is no better feeling than to wake up every morning and to love what you’re doing. Creating stories based off of real people and real emotion is so inspiring for us. We are always striving to challenge and push ourselves to create something that is lasting and resonates with others.

  • Jay

  • Filmmaker, editor, owner
  • With over 10 years of filming experience, I am always trying to push myself to be better. Constantly learning new ways to tell stories. I am easily inspired. I am OBSESSED with music. But mainly I obsessed with my wife and my kids.
  • Chelsea

  • Cinematographer, owner, behind the scenes
  • I have always loved weddings. They are such an incredible day of celebration and full of real emotion. I am in love with my two beautiful children and just can't get enough of them. My husband may be a nerd but he is my everything. One of my big passions in life is writing. Whether publicly or privately, I love just putting my thoughts down.
Here are some random/unnecessary facts about us: We have two incredible children. Our daughter Hiley is so funny and always smiling. Our son Hutton just has a way to calm your soul. Chelsea can out water ski anyone! Jay plays the 6 string, Chelsea loves to dirt bike, Jay loves to longboard. Jay can get a little obsessed with working out, Chelsea can get a little obsessed with salads… yes salads. We have two labradoodles and one pitbull/ridgeback mix! They are the clumsiest, funniest, best dogs ever. We love to travel and see new places, especially if there is a beach there. We feel in love in 2005, and tied the knot in 2008.

We love to film and love to share our creativity with everyone. We use professional equipment for every project we work on. with 35mm optics, Canon C100’s, wireless mics, drones, gimbal stablizers, and more, we provide high quality, HD footage all in a cinematic style that captures the eye. This is our passion

We are based out of Arizona but travel all across the nation!  This year we are traveling to Washington, New Hampshire, California, Connecticut, and soon… THE WORLD!