What is a Wedding Trailer/Highlight Film?

This is mostly what you see on our websiteIt is a 3-6 minute “highlight” film that tells the story of your day. It is the perfect length for sharing with friends and family online and on your favorite mobile device. All films shown on our blog and website are Short Films.

What is a Feature Film?

It is a 10-15 minute film that incorporates elements from getting ready, your ceremony, and your reception. It is a longer form piece that has more of a documentary style. Every wedding is different and unique making every feature film we make different.  You can browse through our FILM portfolio to find some samples of past feature films.

Do you offer both Cinematography and Photography?  How does that work?

We do!  Let us tell you there is something so special about having the same artistic minds working on both your photos and your videos.  It really helps making the photos and video seem like one in the same.  Show casing the same type of vibes, emotions, colors, editing, and more.  We basically have three to four people there all with very specific roles in documenting your day.

Do you love to travel?

You bet we do! …In fact, we LOVE to travel for weddings.  In fact, we are filming weddings in California, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Oregon, Washington, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Connecticut, Illinois, and New York! There is a fee for travel depending on where your wedding is. Email us for details

 Will you tell us what to do, how to act, or direct us on our wedding day?

In short, no! If you’re hiring us, its because you appreciate the genuine emotion and documented moments in our films. There is no need for us to recreate scenes. Trust us, there is PLENTY of raw beauty and emotion on your wedding day to create a cinematic film! That said, the quality of our films also depends on good light, so if you’re getting dressed in the dark, we may ask you to move to a lighter area of the room, open the blinds, etc.

 Ok we really want to book you!  Now what?

Once you’ve determined we’re a good fit, we require s small deposit, which will reserve your wedding date. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding. Once we receive the deposit, we’ll create and email a Wedding Film or Photo Agreement. It will outline all of the nitty gritty! You can return the signed agreement either by email or snail mail.  Whichever is easiest for you! We accept both credit card or check.


Stacie ad Brett

“I met Jay of Everly Films when we both worked the same wedding last April in Lake Tahoe. My partner and I were the photographers so we collaborated on many shots together and worked alongside each other most of the day. He was absolutely the best to work with! I was planning my own wedding at the time and wasn’t considering having a cinematographer there, but after seeing the video he created for Rebecca & Damiano I was sold! The day of my wedding I was amazed at how stealth he was. He was such a calm presence when he was around. With an amazingly artistic eye and an incredible sense of timing he captured all of the best aspects of our wedding without being obvious in doing so. My husband and I have one word to describe our wedding day – magical. What Jay delivered to us is best described by the same word – magical. The video arrived faster than we anticipated and as we watched, our hearts swelled and our eyes teared up. It is amazing how well he captured the feel of our wedding day! We were so blown away by what an incredible job he had done that we watched it at least a dozen times that first day, then at least once a day after that! I can’t recommend Jay enough! I am so grateful to have met him. He is not only one of the nicest guys, but from a vendor standpoint he is a dream to work with and as a client I feel so lucky that he was there to capture our wedding day. The quality of the video is stunning – it is cinematic. It is filled with emotion and will instantly remind you of all the feelings you had on your wedding day. Jay is brilliantly talented and is one of the best decisions you will make for your wedding! His incredible gift will last you a lifetime and bring you happiness whenever you watch it. We appreciate you more than words can express, Jay!”

Carly and Nate

“Everly Films photographed my brother in law’s wedding and I was so impressed with their photos and video footage. So when my husband and I got engaged, Jay was the first person we called! He was very flexible when we changed the date of our wedding. Leading up to the wedding he was very good about communicating with us and getting a sense of who we were without flooding us with questions and emails. The day of the wedding was a dream! Jay and his assistant were both very calm and professional. They kept things moving without being pushy. They made my husband and I feel very comfortable and calm. When it came time for family photos, people showed up late and Jay was extremely kind and patient as we took and retook pictures as family members arrived. We have had so many ask us who photographed our wedding after they have seen the trailer and photos. Everly Films is by far the best choice!”

Sarah and Rich

“I wish that we could get married again just so that we could hire Everly Films to be our videographers again. I was a little concerned with having a videographer because I didn’t want two extra people to be a distraction during our ceremony, but Jay and Chelsea arrived on our wedding day and were so professional that we barely even noticed that they were there. They are so sweet and helpful and really went above and beyond to make everything wonderful on my wedding day. We actually received our wedding trailer only four days after our wedding while we were on our Honeymoon…. we were on a “no electronics policy,” but we seriously sat in our hotel room and watched the trailer probably 15 times in amazement. They got every single shot that I could have ever wanted and their work is absolutely beautiful. We were absolutely blown away! We received our package with the footage of the whole day and ceremony last night and I couldn’t believe how much time and thought went into every detail of the package and it’s contents. Bottom line….. Jay and Chelsea go above and beyond in every single way. They are insanely talented and our wedding video and trailer are truly priceless. Thank you again guys- we couldn’t have imagined not having you there on our big day!”

Paula and Peter

“Gosh how do I even begin to find words to describe how awesome Jay was? He shot and filmed my wedding and then we hired him again to shoot our reception (which we had a couple months after the ceremony). He is incredible! He went way above and beyond. He helped us pick the most beautiful spot to have our ceremony, and the shots he got during and afterwards were just breathtaking. He has such a warm, joyful, and uplifting soul that it made us feel more comfortable when being shot. He actually made this a very enjoyable event even though my wife and I hate pictures. He is very easy to get along with. His secondary shooter, Corrie was so encouraging and uplifting as well. She had tons of enthusiasm in her and was very nice to be around. They are a great team and we now have the most incredible wedding photos and video that we will treasure for the rest of our lives, thanks to them. Could not recommend them more!”

Razlyn and Scott

“ohhhhh Everly Films…Where do I even start??? First off, we searched and searched and searched some more for a solid and talented cinematography business to document our wedding. After several months of searching we almost gave up. THEN…just like a miracle from the sky, Everly Films fell into our laps. We literally called them up within 2 minutes of looking at their website and said, “you’re hired…what do we need to do to make this official.” Secondly, Jay and Chelsea have a talent OFF THE CHARTS!!! I have been following their work for a little over a year, and just when I think “Wow that was the most incredible wedding video EVER!” They blow me away even MORE with the one to follow. All to say, the marking of an incredible photographer/videographer is one who continues to refine their skill and get better with each shoot. That is something I see in Jay and Chelsea. They are always refining their skills and introducing new techniques that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Jay documented our “Love Story” a couple of months back and it was the BEST experience we have had. I would HIGHLY recommend investing into the Love Story option they offer. He made us feel so comfortable around him. It was almost like we forgot he was a professional holding a camera. It felt more like we were hanging out with a best friend. This really helped to capture the TRUE essence of our love. It didn’t seem staged or forced. Him and Chelsea also documented our wedding day. I can’t rave enough about HOW AMAZING they work as a team. They went ABOVE-AND-BEYOND for us. They made me feel comfortable. So comfortable that I forgot they were there! They were by our side during every important part of our wedding. They didn’t miss a beat! We are SO BLESSED we found them. Not only did we find THE BEST cinematography business…EVER. We also found two wonderful human beings who have become our friends! HIRE them for your wedding…I promise you WILL NOT regret it! They are SO AMAZING!!!”

Marcey and JJ

“Before i found Everly, I had watched- and I kid you not, HUNDREDS of wedding videos. After my hunt, nearing the end of my patience with it all and wanting to give up on “the one”, I found Everly Films (they were featured on SMP) and fell in love. Their work is amazing, and they are completely nonintrusive the day-of and are just a solid husband-and-wife team. They captured everything and the best part of it all, was getting to watch my trailer and relive the best day ever all over again a week later! Everly is worth every pretty penny and candidly, you are getting way more than you’re paying for! You simply can’t go wrong.  Jay- THANK YOU for being part of our big day, we are so thrilled with our video and have already watched it more times than we can count!”

 Tracy and Nathan

“It is so hard to put into words how lovely and beautiful and MAGICAL Jay of Everly Films art truly is! The moments he captured were purely SENSATIONAL!! Every new clip brings us back to the exact moment to relive our beautiful day. It is INCREDIBLE how quick Jay was able to put our “sneak peek” together and how much we didn’t even know he was there, even though our video says he was with us every step of the way. Without having a video we would have missed out on all the little moments that made our day that much more special and that truly touched our hearts. I can not sing him enough praises and will do so for the rest of our lives!! I am a Wedding & Event Planner and have worked with a slew of vendors and honestly I have never worked with someone who is so down to earth, professional and who made us feel comfortable all along the way. It felt as we we knew him forever, even though our wedding was the first time we met, aside from our speaking on the phone. I am SO thankful to our friends Brett & Liz Thurston who recommended Jay and his talents to us as I was partial on hiring a videographer due to the cost. NOW I wouldn’t blink an eye!! Here is a “sneak peek” of the magic Jay was able to capture of our BEST DAY EVER – vimeo.com/85257572 Jay, from the bottom of our hearts and the tops of the mountains, THANK YOU – THANK YOU for a lifetime of unforgettable memories and moments. And thank you for your graciousness. I look forward to working with you on ALL my future events!”

Whitney and Joel

“Hiring Everly Films was the greatest decision we made! I was pretty unsure about even having a wedding video just because I wasn’t really sure that I would care to watch it all that often later. However, my mom insisted that I have one so thus began the search. I literally watched hundreds and hundreds of videos trying to find one that I would enjoy watching. So many other videographers chose to focus on the party afterwards as the highlights of the video but I just loved when I saw Jay’s work I saw that he really chose the meaningful moments throughout the whole the wedding. He has a gift of being able to convey through the film a feeling of love and excitement and that is a video that I can watch a thousand times over!
Jay was SO easy to work with and just so great! He was not in your face throughout the wedding he was just relaxed, professional, and really knew what he was looking for. He has such a natural talent and made the video so beautiful! He even uploaded stills from the video that were gorgeous! If we hadn’t hired Jay I know I would be so crushed. It is so crazy how quickly the day passes by and it is such a relief to know that we can relive those amazing moments with pleasure, thanks to Jay!Hiring Jay was one of that last things we did before the big day and it turned out it was one of the most crucial and best decisions we made, do not pass him up- I promise you will not regret it! :)”

Kristen and Mikey

“Jay and Chelsea were amazing. They provided a fun and comfortable environment for our wedding, and at the same time we almost didn’t know they were there. They caught every special moment on our day without being forceful or in the way. I would find it hard to believe that any couple (or person for that matter) would not get along with them. You naturally feel okay with them filming you because they are so great to be around. We got our ‘preview’ video within a week or so after the wedding, and could not have been more pleased. All of our family and friends who have seen it immediately fell in love, as did we.

One of my favorite things about Everly is the timeless feel that comes with every video. They have the ability to truly capture the essence of what you are doing, wether it be a wedding or anything else!”