Shaylee and Nate // Malibu, California

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. HOLY DRONE FOOTAGE! I’ll admit, I LOVE flying the drone! There are times where it really enhances the story and brings even more beauty to the details. When flying the drone on the beach and over the ocean, it made me feel so happy and so joyful. Here is a little preview from the video of just some drone footage:

Lets talk Shaylee and Nate. Shaylee has one of those smiles that are infectious. You can’t help but smile when she’s smiling. Always ear to ear and so joyful. Nate, as his best man said, a man of men, has such a good heart for people. It’s no wonder that these two got together. Their wedding was so much fun and just crazy beautiful! Here is a little behind the scenes shot during the ceremony:

Shaylee and Nate. Married. Such a crazy awesome little venue. Can't wait to start editing this

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Shaylee and Nate, I can’t tell you enough how happy and excited I am for you.

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Jena and Chris // Paradise Valley, Arizona