Timbrey & Deke Wedding Collection


“Towers” by JMR


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HIGHLIGHT FILM: https://vimeo.com/258183512

This wedding was insanely fun for me to edit and I know straight from Josh that this was one of his all time favorite weddings to film.  He still talks about! It was unique not just because of the timeline and venue, but because of you guys. Your sense of humor and chemistry with one another and the people who celebrated your wedding with you.

I am truly honored that you chose me and Josh as your wedding day filmmakers and trusted us to tell your story. We couldn’t be more excited for you two. You both truly are such an amazing couple and you created a wonderful experience for all your guests. You are surrounded by some of the craziest and most awesome friends to share life with.  Thanks for allowing Josh to film your wedding and for me to edit it for you.  I truly hope you enjoy watching your films for the years to come.