This is where we began.  Weddings.  Weddings will always be a part of our business and will always have a soft spot in our hearts.  There is so much richness in this single day.  So much emotion and story.  The best part of it all… it’s all REAL emotion.

A bride and groom are so vulnerable that day.  They are not even sure if they will be nervous, excited, ecstatic, or emotional.  And we love that!  Documenting an unpredictable story of love and celebration fuels us with passion.

You Matter

It all starts with you. Not a generic ‘you’ that is swallowed by all of the details of your wedding, but rather the real ‘you’ that has come to this point because you have been so moved by another.  We want to discover all of the little things that make you who you are. What excites you? what do you dream about? Of course the little details you put in to this day matter, but with out you and your story, we wouldn’t even be here.

You Inspire

While discovering all of these little things that make you who you are, we become inspired.  Inspired to tell not only ‘a story’ but to tell ‘your story’.  We take what we know on the technical side of filming and editing and present a story that is unique and real to you.


When you look back at your wedding film, you get to experience the best day of your life all over again.  Hear the voice of the one you love most from that day.  Feel and see the ambience.  See all the little details in movement.  You get thrown back in to all the feelings and nerves that you felt that very day.

2016 Wedding commissions start at $3,800.  See our F.A.Q. page for some additional info.  View some films and photos in our portfolio section.